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Vacant Property Protection

Affordable Vacant Protperty Protection From as little as £99 per week, by using our Temporary Powered CCTV system

Vacant Property Protection Services

H&A Protection Services know that not all companies have the ability to place security onsite 24/7 due to the cost implications. That’s why we have a range of vacant property protection services that we offer to our clients country wide. All H&A, Vacant Property Protection Services are tailor made to our clients requirements, be this boarding up & warning signs right the way through to our most common services, temporary CCTV & mobile patrols.

Our Temporary CCTV systems can be deployed to any location regardless of power or phone lines, we have a choice of systems to offer that connect to our control room at our heard office in Preston. A popular systems that we offer is the RSI temporary CCTV system, this works via its own power source and also 3G/4G connectivity, allowing these system to be place in most locations with out any problems. These can be fixed to Vacant Property’s or even  building site cabins.

H&A Vacant Property Protection Services are great to secure high value but vulnerable asset such as vacant warehouse and transport depots. H&A specialise in securing these properties from attack and squatters. Over the last few years more and more warehouses, office blocks and transport depots have become vacant and are a prefect target from the traveling community and squatters, this could be a very costly to the owner of the property or site , so act now by employing our services. 

H&A Protection services, offer the following when it comes to securing your vacant property :

  • Boarding Up & closing down service
  • Security warning boards 
  • Temporary CCTV systems 
  • Onsite Security Guards /  Dog handlers 
  • Mobile Patrols 

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