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Mobile Patrols & Response Services

When a Security Guard is not an option our Mobile Patrols & Response services are second to none

Mobile Patrols & Response Services

H&A Protection Services know that not all companies have the ability to place security onsite 24/7 due to the cost implications that this may have on the day to day running of your business. That’s why we have a one of a kind Mobile Patrol & Response service that we offer to our clients country wide. All H&A Mobile Patrol vehicles that are deployed throughout the night are specialist response dog teams, that will patrol your site giving a excellent visual deterrent to any opportunistic thieves that could be around the area of your business.

All our Mobile Patrol Vehicle’s are highly liveried making them a great deterrent in there own right, but the added bonus of all our patrols vehicles is that we always have our K9 partners on bored just in case they are needed to detect and track any unwanted person or people on your site or property.

Even though our Mobile Patrol & Response service is a shared service, we tailor all our clients requirements to their specific needs, this could be multiple patrols per night or just one patrol. All our patrol vehicles have specific areas that they will always cover meaning they will always have local knowledge of what happens in the areas. All patrol vehicles can be tracked from our control room to monitor when sites have been patrolled.

H&A also operates a quick response service to deal with a variety of call outs to sites or property’s, this service is basis from our head office and can be dispatched to any area for any reason 24 hours a day.

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