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H&A Dog Handling Services

Our search dogs are the most effective form of a deterrent for unscrupulous members of the public.

H&A Dog Section

Professional NASDU Dog Handling Service

Our dog handling service is second to none, with all our dog handlers being accredited to a minimum standard of NASDU level 2. As such the amount of expertise we bring to the table for area denial, asset protection and search dogs is vast.

Years of experience has taught us that dogs unlike static guards are far more effective they have senses that we just can’t tune into and therefore offer and extra level of situational awareness.

One GP dog handler could deter a group of trespassers with ease, something that would take multiple static guards.

The Perfect Deterrent

Drugs Detection dogs are the most effective form of a deterrent for unscrupulous members of the public that would wish to deal controlled substances at your event or business therefore tarnishing you and your event or business reputation, not to mention the medical and welfare issues that arise from allowing such activities to go on unmitigated.

Quality Assurance With H&A Protection Services

All H&A Protection Services Dog Handlers are trained to NASDU standards and hold individual memberships as minimum, with all our Dog Section vehicles meeting the British standards. Our handlers are the best in the business at present due to our monthly CT training that most be completed to work.

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