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H&A Protection Services

Core Values

Honest, reliable, dependable and innovative in everything we do

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Company History

H&A Protection Services Company History. Since the incorporation of our company in 2016. We have stood by our core values and principles of providing a quality assured service to all clients new and old. H&A has a diverse and knowledgeable management team. Due to our former careers within the Armed Forces. Combined we have over 40 years knowledge within all sectors of the security industry.

H&A Protection Services Staff undergo regular personal development to stay at the top of our game. We believe in giving our clients the best possible service, starting at our excellent communication from our office staff and onsite operations managers. Through to our quality handpicked licenced security officers, that are highly experienced in all factors of : Festivals, Sporting Events and Crowd Management, Static Security / Man Guards, Security Dog Handling and Specialist Mobile Patrol Response Services. Our company believe that our teams collective ability to solve situations is paramount. All the while adhering to all industry standards and procedures.

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Our Company Values

Our company mission is to have our clients fully satisfied with the specific services that they require. From a business viewpoint we would see H&A Protection Services expand over the coming years.  Becoming a large and trusted company with in the security industry. We believe we can achieve this through our dedicated handpicked security officers, NASDU Security Dog teams and  our management team. Due to their commitment to British standards guidelines and producers.

H&A will become a leading provider of security service through out the country to numerous clients in various industry’s and sectors. Be this in the Event and Crowd management sectors for events and Festivals, or within the construction industry. Providing manned guarding services or highly qualified fully trained NASDU Security Dog Handlers.

We promise to uphold the security industry authority standards and go above and beyond for all our clients. Providing only the must professional security services. We are always committed to all industry standards and hold numerous accreditations.

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Company Accreditations and Memberships

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