Emergency Call out to Lincoln today for our Dog Section

Well today has been a very unusual day for our Dog Section. Its not often we get a emergency call out that’s nearly 150 miles away from our head office in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

I bet Andy our Dog Section Manager thought that someone was having a joke with him when he received the call for this job in Lincoln. However it was no joke at all. Andy as always stepped up to the plate and quickly managed to sort this task out. This just shows that our professional services most be second to none. Andy within minutes had made the call to one of our NASDU GP Handlers to send them on there way,  This Call went to our Director Gareth has he was sat with Andy in a managers meeting.

Needless to say the meeting came to a very quick end and this job took priority

Protection at it’s Best with H&A Protection Dog Handlers onsite

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